Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book 48 - Thrive Fitness

"Thrive Fitness" is another book that I have been reading here and there in between other books but I finally finished it the other day. It is an excellent companion book to "The Thrive Diet" and although it shares a lot of similar information it doesn't seem like a retread but a fresh take on his philosophies and experiences. If I could only follow his advice then I would be able to achieve some of my goals, but I am taking things one day at a time. Once I get settled into my new role at my company and finish moving then I will be able to devote more time to my health and fitness goals. 

Although it is a fitness book, there is a lot of talk about nutrition and stress reduction. I think this is all incredibly valuable for anyone trying to become more healthy and fit because it is all connected. I was unhappy in my job so I took steps to reduce stress in my life by requesting a change in departments, it has resulted in short term stress for various reasons, but it will result in long term happiness for me as the new role is a much more positive one and more suited to my personality. Now when I go home I am able to leave work at work and focus on my personal life and goals. Right now those goals are finishing my 52 books, moving my belongings and setting up my new place, and maintaining my weight as best I can. Once things settle down, I will be able to implement more of the practices in this book (with my own personal spin on some as I think that everyone needs to tailor things to their own lives and nothing should be too rigid).

Thrive Diet and Thrive Fitness recommend a completely vegan diet, and from having tried several recipes from both books, I am sure this is an excellent way to live. I have been a vegetarian for over two years, but I do enjoy cheese from time to time and I am not sure that I am wanting to ever give that up, but I think that I will tone it down. One thing that I will take away from this book is to eat more fresh foods and less processed ones. There are also lots of excellent exercises contained in this book that will help me tone up, I usually go to the gym for cardio but I slack off on the toning exercises so it will be good for me to work on those. There are also training logs to help track your progress. I took that basic idea and made myself a blog to track my workouts. I haven't been on there due to the above mentioned detours in my life but I will be using it again in the future.

All in all it is an excellent book and resource for anyone looking to get fitter or stay that way. There are many types of information inside that would be valuable to most anyone, and I recommend it highly. Just look at this guy's abs and tell me you don't think he knows his stuff ;)


  1. I love Brendan's books and the Vega products. Have you tried many of the recipes? They are delicious!

  2. I have, some of my faves are beet salad with walnut cream "cheese", cashew cream with fruit and the pear chia cereal. I have one of the recipe books and I'm looking forward to trying more.