Friday, December 21, 2012

Book 51 - Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets

I bought this book a really long time ago during one of my impulse buying days at the book store. I have recently just moved and so I decided to give it a read to help me along with setting my new place up for success with as little effort as possible. Overall I really enjoyed reading it, and there are tons of tips that I will use to help keep my new place clean, organized and looking nice. 

"Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets" is written by Lisa Quinn who apparently is some kind of domestic diva type of TV host, but felt that she was trying too hard and also living a lie to a certain extent because she was having trouble living up to her own (and what she felt were society's) expectations. I personally could give a shit about society, but I want to improve my home for my own enjoyment. 

Sometimes just reading a book like this, even if the tips were all useless, keeps you in the right frame of mind so that you can get more focused on your goals. This book however did have many useful tips like spot cleaning your floors so that they look nice more often without having to drag out a mop and bucket all the time. I went out and bought some disinfectant wipes to use for this purpose, and even have made my son help out by wiping the outside of the fridge so all the fingerprints are gone. It is amazing what even a few minutes of work can do to make a home look cleaner.

Along with cleaning, there are tips on decorating, party planning, getting rid of clutter (much needed on my end!) and many more things that I can't remember right now but I am sure I will refer back to this book in the future. I am glad that I bought this one as it will be a useful book to have around the house in the years to come. 

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