Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book Thirty Six - The Wentworths

This past Monday I started a new job so I have been quite busy, but I am taking public transit so I have time to read, but not so much time to come to blogger and post reviews. I have 4 books to write up today so I will do my best, but

Since I enjoyed Point Dume so much I made a point to seek out The Wentworths by Kate Arnoldi. It didn't affect me as deeply as Point Dume but The Wentworths was still an enjoyable read. The book offers us up a quirky wealthy family and lets us have a glimpse into what their lives are like. It begins with the black sheep being arrested while cross dressing and finishes with a bang.

Although there is not a whole lot of lot involved, the Wentworths are an interesting bunch and it was nice to be a fly on the wall of their world. Arnoldi is a talented writer and I would read other works of hers if I come across them.

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