Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book Thirty Eight - Wasted Beauty

Alright, 2 down 2 to go. Wasted Beauty was really a waste of my time. It took me forever to read this one, with all the stress I had at the time, with having to learn a new job and wake up extra early to take the skytrain too. But I think that I would have probably had the same opinion of this book no matter the circumstances.

There is no way to vent my frustrations without giving away the plot, so if you are not interested stop reading here.

Wasted Beauty by Eric Bogosian is about a girl who gets stranded in the city, instantly becomes a successful model, her brother instantly becomes a lunatic and gets locked up, and a Doctor just happens to treat the brother and starts a love affair with the model then we are forced to read all about whether or not he should stay in his boring marriage. It was unrealistic, tedious and didn't go anywhere. There was little plot or anything to keep my interest. I am quite happy I am done with reading it.

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