Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book Thirty Nine - Living Dead in Dallas

Okay, so this one was really fun to read! I read Dead Until Dark last year. It is the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series that has since been made into the HBO series, True Blood. Now that I have read the second book I think that I am finding that the books are a bit better than the show.

It is pretty cheesy entertainment, but it is a big step up from Twilight, so I think it is ok that I am going to be reading the rest of the series toute suite. If you are unfamiliar, the series is about a young woman in Louisiana who reads minds and is dating a vampire. They exist in a world where vampires have come out of the coffin, to use their terminology. There is always, trouble and adventure to be found. In this outing, Sookie and her boyfriend Bill travel to Dallas as Sookie's mind reading ability is out on loan from her local vampires. Trouble ensues and they have to figure out how to get themselves out of it.

Also there has been a murder, Layfayette has been murdered (thank goodness they didn't do that on HBO, that actor is amazing!) and they have to find out the answer to that mystery as well. I am not normally a huge mystery fan, but these books just work for me and I am going to keep on readin' 'em.

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