Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alli's CBR-III Review #25 - From Dead to Worse

Alright so I have now finished book 8 in the Southern Vampire Mystery series by Charlaine Harris. My last review has all the links to the reviews that I have written for the other books in the series if you are interested. All Together Dead was trying my patience with these books, and as youthfulzombie pointed out in the comments of that review, the TV series is better than the books. That is mostly true, overall I believe that the show is better, but there are certain parts that I prefer in the books, mostly parts of dialogue and certain story lines in the show (hotshot for one) that are so much different on the show and not necessarily better.

Either way, how I look at it is this. I am sort of obsessed with True Blood, I read recaps of episodes and scan the forums when I am bored. To me the books are another way to get a bit of the characters that I have come to love through the HBO series. I will keep on reading them as long as they keep putting them out, same as how I will keep watching the show as long as it is on. Well, unless either one drops in quality by a significant amount.

As for the plot of this book, honestly I can barely remember it. In my mind I have been getting mixed up in which part is the show and which is the book. There were plot advancements, but I won't spoil them for anyone. There was no huge mystery in this one, but lots of fighting and politics between all the different types of "supes". The main purpose of reading these is for some good entertainment and for me it is still being provided. I am looking forward to the next book in the series, I have requested it from the library so I shouldn't have to wait too long.

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