Saturday, August 13, 2011

Alli's CBR-III Review #28 - Dead in the Family

I am pretty excited that my laptop is fixed, my Dad is a wizard sometimes, but there have been times that even he cannot make things come back to life. This now means that I don't have to write my reviews on my breaks at work, so I can put a bit more attention into them. The thing is though, at home I might be under the influence of something or other so it is a crap shoot on whether or not the quality will actually be any better if I am writing here at home.

I finished reading "Dead in the Family" this morning, I was a bit sad because I thought I had 20 pages left and so I found the ending to be abrupt. There is a preview of the next book in the series in those remaining 20 pages, but I have a few library books that I have to read before I can move on to "Dead Reckoning" anyhow. The good news is that I have nothing but time to read since my son is away with his Dad this weekend, and the weather is beautiful and I am ready for some more time in the sun. One thing that might distract me from my reading is that my boyfriend and I just started watching "Breaking Bad" and we just picked up season 2 on DVD today. But the sunshine is calling my name so I will be able to get some reading in today for sure. The problem is choosing which book I want to read!

Back to the review. "Dead in the Family" is the 9th book in the series by Charlaine Harris, I have read and reviewed almost all of the others on this blog at one time or another. I have gotten quite into them, although they are not literature or anything, they are entertaining and fun and sexy. As the title suggests, "Dead in the Family" deals with various family relationships as they relate us to our main characters. Sookie has a cousin move in, Eric has out of town "family" visit as well. Even Bill has his own relative arrive. This causes commotion for some, and healing for others. Someone is also out to frame Sookie for a murder by burying a body on her land.

Also Sookie is teaching a young telepath how to cope with their "condition". I really enjoy the focus that the books put on the realities of life as a telepath. It is mentioned that when looking for a criminal that being able to read minds is not necessarily a foolproof way to catch someone. Even if you happen to bump into that criminal, he most likely will not be thinking about the crime at that time. And the fact about how tedious most peoples thoughts are, I can really understand that it would be so hard to have to listen to that nonsense all the time.

I am pretty excited to move on to the next book in the series, but like I said, I will read some library books first. I don't need to rush it, since the book after that is not going to be released until May 2012.

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  1. I hate when you think you still have 30-40 pages left only to find that it's actually 5 pages and the other 30 are some preview!
    You are 1 ahead of me now for this series, I have read up to #9 (Dead in the Family is actually #10, you have read more than you thought!) - but I haven't bothered to download #10 or #11, mainly because I am enjoying the TV show more, and the TV show has veered off of the course of the books for many characters, so I'm I might think the books a bit tame now, or my feeble mind might start getting confused between the TV show and the series. If you like these books, you should try either the Kitty series by Carrie Vaughn which has 9 books so far, or the Shifters series by Rachel Vincent which only has 6 books and the series has ended.