Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book 38 - The Wastelands

All I have to say is that I am very glad that I have the next book in the series and I don't have to wait 6 years for the next chapter in this engaging story. "The Wastelands" is the third book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. See here for my reviews of the first two books in the series. 

Book 37 - Blisters and Bliss

After reading "Wild" I am all gung ho to pursue some outdoor adventures of my own and over here the West Coast Trail is a pretty famous route to hike so I started looking into it and this book is recommended all over the place as being the best book to read on the subject so I decided to give it a go.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book 36 - Wild

I loved this book so much I want to give it a big hug. I was expecting to enjoy it, as I love stories about adventures in the wilderness such as "Into the Wild", "Into Thin Air", "In the Path of an Avalanche"  and now after reading this one, I will be sure to seek out more of these types of tales as they speak to a big part of me that really loves the outdoors.

Book 35 - Let's Pretend This Never Happened

While I was reading this book my son kept asking me why I was laughing, I cracked up so many times he must have thought that I was losing it. "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" by  Jenny Lawson has to be the funniest book I have read in a really long time, if not the funniest book ever. I have never heard of Lawson, "The Bloggess" but I am glad that I saw this book all over the #CBR4 site and gave it a read because it was a great time. 

Book 34 - Inside Scientology

I have been sitting on two reviews for a couple of weeks now, I have never really had a difficulty in writing these reviews, even though some have been sub par at least they got done. I have always made it a personal rule to finish the review before moving on to the next book, but I read both of these when up visiting my family in the Okanagan then I just haven't been able to get my head wrapped around what I want to say about them. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy them. I found them both great reads although in very different ways. Last night I finished another book so today I will get my reviews done and no more excuses!

Scientology is a fascinating subject and one that I have spent a bit of time here and there reading about as I travelled the internet. "Inside Scientology" by Janet Reitman delves quite thoroughly into the life of L Ron Hubbard and also tells us the stories of former Scientologists.