Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Book 26 - Deadlocked

I found out that the latest Sookie Stackhouse book was out when reading the winning review of CRB4 by Malin. I was pretty excited to read it and was lucky to get a copy on a Superloan from my library (they put new popular titles on a 7 day no renew no request basis, with a $1 per day late charge). I didn't need the 7 days as I gobbled it up in about 3.

There is nothing really all that special about these books, but there is just something about them that speaks to my guilty pleasure side. I have read all of them, and reviewed quite a few of them as well. This book is not much different from the rest, there is a crime, a mystery of sorts to be solved. We get to spend time with our favorite characters, Sookie, Eric, Sam and I suppose for some even Bill.

This one involves a lot of fairy and elf drama, as well as werewolves causing trouble. Sookie and Eric's relationship is not as rosy as it once was. The lust part is cooling off as he has little time to spend with her due to all his vampire responsibilities (and in my opinion, he just wants to keep her as a possession on his shelf and doesn't really love her at all).

All in all, if you are hooked on the series like me you don't even need convincing to read this. If you are new to the series start at book 1 and go from there.

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