Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book 22 - Cujo

The storyline of Cujo by Stephen King didn't really grab me, which is why I never bothered to read it before now. But I happened upon it at the library and decided just to read it, I think I am getting close to having read all of King's books now which is neat.

For anyone not familiar, Cujo is a tale of a rabid St Bernard who terrorizes and brutalizes several people in, you guessed it, a small town in Maine. The B Plots include a tale of infidelity and revenge of a jilted lover, and a business plot about advertising as well as a mother who is concerned about the bad influences of her husband on her growing son. I was pleased that there was more to the book than just the dog part, but still this was not a favorite for me.

I did enjoy it overall, but the ending was a bit too much for me. There are some things that I can't really discuss due to not wanting to give away the ending, but I will say that one "happy" ending for two of the characters failed to address their implicit hand in some of the deaths that were caused by Cujo.

All in all, it was a passable read, but not one that I would recommend going out of your way to pick up. I have owned a copy of the movie for years, not sure if I really want to watch it, knowing what the ending will be, but maybe one day when I want to punish myself I will watch it

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