Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book Thirty Seven - Kiss Me Like a Stranger

I am a bit of a creature of habit, if I like something an author has written, then I seek them out for more. I guess that is not such a surprise, but I have never read this many books in a year before so this is all fairly new. I think the last time I even came this close was when I was a teenager, reading really is something that I really enjoy and I am going to keep up with the reading after this is over, we will see how many I can get done next year.

So earlier I reported back on The Woman Who Wouldn't  by Gene Wilder so I decided to read his autobiographical oeuvre, Kiss Me Like a Stranger. This takes us through the life of Wilder, and it really highlights  the golden era that he come of age in and highlights the differences that exist in the craft of acting today.

Wilder is a talented writer and the book flowed very well through its pages. This one was twice the length of the previous novel that I read of his, but it flew by as if it was a good conversation with a new friend. We see how he made his way in the entertainment business and the women he loved and lived with along the way. He has always appealed to me, having grown up watching him in Willy Wonka, and knowing more about him has only confirmed my instincts that he is overall a very good man.

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