Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Book Thirty Four - Lucky Man

Book 17 was Always Looking Up and if you double 17 you get 34 and book 34 for me was Lucky Man, also by Michael J Fox. I didn't even plan that one. Silly little coincidences like that please me.

Lucky Man was an enjoyable read, I wish that I had read it prior to reading "Always Looking Up" since one seems to precede the other, but nonetheless it was a pleasurable read.

Lucky Man is an autobiography of sorts, it begins as Fox sees the first signs of Parkinson's disease and flashes back into his past, family history and rise to fame. There are many interesting anecdotes inside and Fox as in "Up" is an amicable narrator. Lucky Man is somewhat more personal, it details the lengths that Fox and Pollan went to in order to have a private wedding, so we feel lucky ourselves to be given a view into the live of the beloved actor.

As I stated in my previous review of Fox's work, he is just a very lovable person, and I would read anything that he writes. Canadian loyalty only goes so far, after that a person needs to have genuine charm to keep the pages turning, and Fox has that for sure.

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