Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book 37 - Blisters and Bliss

After reading "Wild" I am all gung ho to pursue some outdoor adventures of my own and over here the West Coast Trail is a pretty famous route to hike so I started looking into it and this book is recommended all over the place as being the best book to read on the subject so I decided to give it a go.

It is an excellent guide book, filled with advice, humour and lots of details about the trail without spoiling every little detail about it. There are directions for starting at the north or south end as well, this I found to be a weak point as the two sections are too similar and could have been made more unique as I am sure the trail does differ considerably depending on if you are travelling up or down hill. 

I will be consulting this book again as I get closer to my trip over there. It is a very challenging trek and I plan to go in the summer of 2014. Next summer will be my canoe trip then I will keep up my training so that I can get through this difficult hike with as much bliss as possible.

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