Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book 42 - Free Range Chickens

I was reading the 4th dark tower book but it is really long and I really just wanted something nice and light that I could finish quickly. After this one I only have 10 more to go!!! I am excited that I will finally reach my goal this year, nothing will get in my way. (JINX!)

Anyways, this book is a collection of jokes, sort of. That is how they are described, but I think they are more like amusing anecdotes, but I guess that is splitting hairs. It is an entertaining read, see this for an example:

“God: Check out this human I designed.
Angel: Wow, that looks pretty incredible. How does it work?
God: It's pretty complicated. Point to something and I'll tell you what it does.
Angel: Okay. What are these?
God: Teeth. They're for chewing up food.
Angel: How come there are so many of them?
God: I threw in, like, three or four extra. If they don't like them, they can pull them out somehow, I guess.
Angel: What about this weird bag thing?
God: That's the appendix.
Angel: What does it do?
God: It explodes.
Angel: Really? That's all?
God: Pretty much.
Angel: What causes that to happen?
God: It just happens randomly. Like you'll just be walking down the street or driving a car and boom.
Angel: Geez...that's terrifying. Does it kill the person?
God: (shrugs) Sometimes.” 
― Simon Rich

When going through a difficult time it is important to remember to laugh, and this book was just what I needed right now.

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