Thursday, December 22, 2011

Alli's CBR-III Review #42 - Stash

"Stash" by David Klein is a tale about a mother, Gwen Raine, who visits an old boyfriend to pick up a bag of weed and on the way home gets into a car accident and things just go downhill from there. The other driver is killed, but the accident is determined to be his fault. However, because the police find the drugs in her car, they threaten her with major charges and try to force her to turn in her source.

Also Gwen's husband Brian works for a pharmaceutical company that is tyring to profit from an anxiety drug that has a nice benefit of weight loss in higher doses. His company has used questionable practices in promoting this benefit and it seems like things might get messy legally for Brian and his company.

Gwen's source, her ex boyfriend Jude is actually much more involved in the drug trade than he has let on to anyone. He may have gotten over his head. He works with injured veteran Aaron who is his farmer. Jude also runs a restaurant and has a daughter who has just entered college. Hot in pursuit is Detective Keller, a small town detective looking to catch the bad guys to impress his son and increase his own self respect.

In this book we follow all of these characters from each of their points of views in different chapters. It is an interesting story and I very much enjoyed reading it.

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  1. This sounds rather interesting indeed. I may have to keep an eye out for it.