Monday, October 3, 2011

Alli's CBR-III Review #36 - Rose Madder

Whenever I read a Stephen King book I always remember how much I love them and I seek out another one. Pretty soon I am going to run out of books of his to read, but I guess then I can just reread my favorites.

Rose Madder is a tale about an abused woman who one day has just had enough and decides just to walk out and never go back. Rose starts out afraid of her own shadow, and rightfully so as she has suffered numerous horrors at the hand of her police detective husband Norman.

After fleeing to a new city, Rose discovers a painting in a local pawn shop. This painting captures her attention right away and it helps give her the confidence she needs to start building her new life. Of course, being a King novel, the painting has powers, and the painting becomes more alive as the novel goes on.

Parts of the book are also told from Norman's point of view (annoyingly all his parts are in italics which I found distracting). Norman is obviously very upset that his wife would have the nerve to leave him, and he uses his detective skills to track her down. He loses a grip on what little sanity he had, and becomes quite the villain.

I found this to be a very gripping tale, lots of suspense and a bit of fantasy thrown in there too. I always like tales of hope, and survival, and that is what this one is for sure.

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