Monday, September 26, 2011

Alli's CBR-III Review #35 - His Robot Girlfriend

2 Reviews in one day, I am just motoring through!

I downloaded "His Robot Girlfriend" by Wesley Allison because it was free on iBooks. I have been reading it off and on when I had absolutely nothing else to do. I have to say that I understand why it was free, it was pretty terrible.

It is set in the future, about 20 or so years from now. Our protagonist, Mike decides to buy himself a Daffodil, a robot girlfriend. She comes into his life, helps him to improve it and although she is a robot, to him he falls in love and sees her as his girlfriend.

There is a tiny bit more to the story than that, however I kept waiting for more to happen. She spends a lot of his money, she keeps on shopping and shopping without consulting him. Mike takes all of this in stride. Even Mike's family seems fairly nonchalant about the whole thing, although from the writing it seems that having a robot girlfriend is not totally socially acceptable.

This could have been a really interesting read, in the like of say "Lars and the Real Girl" but with a robot. But sadly it is just a meaningless pile of words.

I think that I am spending too much time thinking about this book. In any case, it is finished now and I can delete it off my phone. I think the main thing that I keep going back to in my mind is that I can't believe the price of the books on iBooks. I haven't gone as far as to invest in a Kindle or something like that, but I think that it would be great to be able to read more on my iPhone as it would be handy for those times when I forget a book, but I don't think it is reasonable to pay pretty much the same price as an actual book for something virtual.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to read my book. Sorry you didn't care for it. I agree with you that Lars and the Real Girl is a better story.