Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book 1 - Postcards From the Edge

The copy of "Postcards From the Edge" (PCFTE to make my life easier) that I got from the library was a classic edition. There was even one of those card envelopes on the inside cover. Did we really just write our names on a card and take a book out, how technology changes us. I wish I had taken a picture, but c'est la vie. The picture above is the same design as the one that I got however.

I very much enjoyed "Wishful Drinking" it was my 2nd book in CBR3 and I just noticed in the comments of that review that I was going to read PCFTE  at that time but I guess I forgot about it. I was watching the HBO special for Wishful Drinking (which was pretty hilarious) and she mentioned PCFTE and so I requested it from the library and read it up quick.

PCFTE at its simplest is a book about an actress recovering from addiction and struggling to keep it together while being sober in Hollywood. "Suzanne" is meant to be a stand in for Carrie herself and even though she is , is someone that I can relate to. Suzanne starts diets with resolve to do great things, then ends up caving before the end of the day. She meets a man and tries to be good and wait to sleep with him, only to cave and do the deed almost right away.

When we meet Suzanne she is in a rehab facility. The first section of the book is in a journal format. We follow both Suzanne and a fellow patient named Alex. Alex is initially not ready for treatment and ends up running away, with hilarious and quite true to life results. Alex becomes a tad obsessed with Suzanne and sees her as a big part of his salvation. He believes that they will end up together, although he cannot bring himself to actually talk to her.

As the book progresses, Suzanne gets out of rehab and starts to date again, then gets back into her career. Eventually she takes to bed in a dramatic fashion, and she ends up convincing her friend to come and wallow with her. They eventually get sick of being in bed and take off shopping.

It is hard to sum up this book. It is basically rambles and I guess "postcards", snippets of a life. Even when the subject matter verges on darkness, Fisher always brings humor to the table. All in all, it was an enjoyable read.

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