Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alli's CBR-III Review #16 - Breaking out of Bedlam

Breaking out of Bedlam by Leslie Larson was a good quality fluff read. It was really what I needed after taking so long to finish my last book. This book is told from the point of view of Cora, an 82 year old woman who is taken out of her home by her children due to her being incapable of looking after herself. Cora is overweight, depressed, on prescription drugs and her home has become a bit like something that you would see on A&E.

It sounds depressing, but Larson maintains a light tone and the assisted living place that she goes into could be related to a high school or boarding school. I have often thought that this would be the case in places like these as there will always be cliques and bitches and all that, no matter what your age.

Cora feels betrayed by her family, and we are made to relate to her struggle to adjust to her new environment. Soon after her arrival, she meets a man and that gives her the motivation to improve her situation and her health. All is not perfect however, things are getting stolen all over the place and Cora is one of those who is under suspicion. To pass the time, and to extract her revenge upon her children, Cora writes a tell all journal with all her secrets. The novel goes back and forth in flashbacks in this journal and to her current situation.

Overall, this book didn’t change my life, but it was entertaining enough and I would recommend reading it. Cora's tale is relateable. I work in an industry where I have to deal with the elderly quite a bit, this book helped me to relate to my clients more. It must be very difficult to have to leave your home at that age and start all over in a scary new place.

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