Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tackling Under the Dome Again

So a while back I took Under the Dome out on a 7 day Superloan from the library. I tried to take it on but I think the deadline intimidated me and I only read a pitiful 200 pages in that time. I returned the book, gave up for a while and mostly forgot about it. Then today while out at the grocery store a beautiful sight came upon me. It was a smooth soft new copy of Under the Dome. I snatched one into my arms and gave it an embrace, now you are mine. Budget, what budget, this is important!

Now that I can take my time I am going to enjoy reading it when I have time to read it. I am also working on a couple more books and I am hoping to at least get close to my quota by Halloween. I have a 7 day holiday in Disneyworld coming up so I am sure I will be able to get some quality reading done while I am there. I am also having surgery mid september (nothing serious, and no it is not a boob job) so when recovering for a few days I will also be sure I have a lot of books beside my bed.

I have been working real hard in other areas of my life, I have lost 17 lbs since May 31 and I have been getting lots of exercise in the summer sun. We have had excellent weather here. Today it is raining a lot but it is a nice break after all the sun. It has given me the time to clean the house since I have been outside so much it was neglected.

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  1. 17 pounds in two months? That's impressive! I went on a crash diet and lost about 10 between the end May and the end of June but then I went traveling and moved, and am trying to maintain . . . should get back on a schedule next week, though. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Jen, I have been working quite hard since mid April but I didn't weigh in until May 31. I am about halfway to where I want to be now. I am really just eating fresh healthy foods and getting fit outside and enjoying the nice weather. Some days are harder than others but I just never give up!