Monday, December 20, 2010

Book Forty Four - Star Island

I am kind of loving these 7 day superloans from the library, it gives me the motivation to get the books read really fast. I was able to bang this one off in 3 days, and I had a very busy weekend, so it was quite the accomplishment.

Star Island by Carl Hiaasen was quite an enjoyable read. It centers around a train wreck of a celebrity aptly named Cherry Pye. It takes the notion of a Mylie Cryrus type starlet and takes it a bit further. In the first chapter we meet Cherry vicariously through a paparazzo who is waiting to see her loaded into an ambulance. However he is foiled as Cherry is famous for her green eyes, and the gal on the stretcher has brown eyes.

We are then introduced to Ann, Cherry's double, employed by Cherry's parents and PR team to fill in for Cherry when she is having an episode of "gastritis". It is an interesting look into what may very well occur by certain celebrity publicity teams.

There are several more colorful characters introduced through the course of the story, and they all tie in nicely together at the ens. Hiaasen is very adept at creating characters and scenarios to keep the reader entertained. I plan on reading more of his works.

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